Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc.

Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc. (AJCMFI) was established in 2002, initially with the purpose of supporting the construction of the Simbahan ng Jesus Nazareno. However, the conditions of the urban relocates, who were informal settlers from Manila, provided a new understanding of its missionary dimension. Inspired by the Spirit of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) Founder, St. Arnold Janssen, the call to serve the poor through literacy alleviation became alive again.
July 16, 2002 marked the establishment of Sagip Dunong Program which is an alternative learning center for the out-of-school youth and adults of Dasmarinas, Cavite. This event paved the path for the Arnold Janssen Catholic Mission Foundation, Inc.-Alternative Learning System (AJCMFI-ALS).
At the same time as the Sagip Dunong Program, AJCMFI also started a Micro Finance Livelihood project in Dasmarinas, Cavite from a seed capital provided by a donor. It extended a loan facility to member s of the community to start a small business. For some time, the financing activity has registered a 95% return. It had also sponsored several nutritional, medical missions and church construction programs in the said area.
The foundation has also established linkages in supporting new efforts such as the Alternative Learning System in the indigenous community in Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan.  In 2006, The Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Foundation Inc. asked for the technical services of the foundation.  And with its experience in Non-Formal Education (NFE), around 300 indigenous people joined the indigenous Learning System (ILS). The generous contribution of the Mining Foundation especially in shouldering all financial matters in operating the ILS centers and the salaries  of the IM and Cluster Program Directors has helped the Foundation to re-channel its resources to other fruitful engagements.

The Sandiwaan Center for Learning in Smokey Mountain has also established links with the Foundation to continue its efforts on a technology based NFE program for the out of school youth. This technology based program is an important contribution of the Foundation to other existing NFE programs in the country by creating relevant strategies for the school dropouts. Moreover, this program may help bridge the digital divide between the rich and the poor.

At the moment, the Foundation has focused on the literacy alleviation of the out of school youth, the elderly and the indigenous communities. However, it dreams to expand its missionary calling through the alleviation of poverty among the least fortunate in terms of equipping technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for future micro business ventures.

Cognizant of these enormous tasks, the Foundation envisions to widen the scope of its networks and linkages with government units, local NGO’s and possibly engagements with international organizations abroad. The Foundation exists in response to the holistic formation of society specifically with preferential option for the poor and the less privileged starting with literacy alleviation, economic empowerment, but most importantly, taking care of the spiritual well-being among its candidates and the community surrounding the learning centers. It organizes meaningful spiritual activities that would develop a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord and become responsible members of society.

The Foundation firmly believes that man is by nature good. However, apathy and indifference in society may have encroached heavily on man’s sense of self-worth and dignity so that this goodness is constrained and unable to grow and bloom. It is the Foundation’s firm resolve to give back hope to the hopeless, and light to those in darkness.

At present,  there are now 88 AJCMFI-ALS centers in the following areas: 53 centers in Dasmarinas, Cavite, 8 centers in Bacoor and NCR, 1 center in Tagaytay City, 26 centers in Rio Tuba, Palawan.

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